Friday, September 11, 2015

Bulldog Book Reviews

The Video Production Leaders will be creating a newscast called, “Murray Monthly News.”  One of the segments will be, “Bulldog Book Reviews.”  We would like Edgar Murray students to submit book reviews for this segment of our newscast. 

How do I write a book review?
First, create an outline of your book review or use the template below to guide your writing. Remember to use specific quotes from the book to get your point across. The first half of your book review should summarize the book, while the second half should evaluate the book.

How do I submit a review?
Submit your review to the "comments" section on this blog.  Just click on the "comments" link below, then write your review.  Your review will be sent to the 5th grade Challenge class for approval.  Reviews must be submitted as student narratives with personal perspectives. Do not submit the Book Review Template as your final submission on the blog.  The template is just a guide to help you write your review.